How To Clean a Painted Metal Roof

How To Clean a Painted Metal Roof

Having a beautiful, durable, painted metal roof can make your house really stand out among the rest. One of the best parts about metal roofing is that maintenance is relatively easy and is not necessary very frequently. All you really need to do on a routine basis is simply wash and clean the surface once a year. Distinctive Metal Roofing is providing this guide on how to clean a painted metal roof so you can clean your roof yourself.

Removing Dirt and Grime

One of the most common problems you’ll run into is something that every roof type has to deal with. The accumulation of dirt, dust, and grime over time is inevitable, and it can significantly affect the look of your roof. All you need to do to fix this problem is affix a soap receptacle to your hose line and spray a simple detergent over the entire roof. One thing to look out for is the amount of phosphate in the detergent. You should shoot for detergent with less than 0.5% phosphate. After spraying the roof with the detergent, you can rinse it with water from the same hose.

Removing Moss or Algae

Depending on where your house is located, you may deal with problems such as moss or algae growth. Ammonia is your best remedy for this type of problem. Remember that ammonia and bleach create a noxious fume, so never mix them when trying to clean your roof. A ratio of 5:1, water to ammonia, should be exactly what you need to scrape away any moss or algae buildup. For this procedure, stick to a simple cloth or rag. You can also use a power washer, but only if it is on a low-pressure setting.


No matter which cleaning process you use, always keep in mind that you must rinse the roof afterward. Go over the whole area again with a water and soap mixture. Follow this by hosing the entire area down with water to ensure you have thoroughly rinsed away all debris. Leaving chemicals on your roof is a very fast track to even more problems, so it’s best to be as thorough as you can.

Distinctive Metal Roofing hopes that this guide on how to clean a painted metal roof has shown you how simple and important the process is to the look and longevity of your roofing. When it comes to metal roofing contractors in Pittsburgh, PA, Distinctive Metal Roofing is your go-to choice for the best help available.

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