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The Truth About Metal Roof Pricing…

“So, how much does a metal roof cost?” We get asked that question more than any other at Distinctive Metal Roofing. Here’s the quick answer: a top-quality Distinctive Metal Roof is about 2 to 3 times the cost of an average asphalt roof. While that may sound expensive, the investment is worth making, as the true value lies within metal roof permanence. Asphalt roofing only lasts around 12–17 years and quality metal roofing will last 60 years or more. With construction prices doubling every 10 – 15 years, the cost to replace your roof with another asphalt roof, over time, will far exceed the cost of a quality metal roof today. Plus, with the advanced PVDF resin-based finishes, your roof will maintain its color and beauty – for a lifetime! Of the two options, residential metal roofing is by far the better solution. Dozens of our satisfied customers agree.

Can you get a metal roof for less? Sure. There isn’t anything that can’t be made a little worse and sold a little cheaper - but buyer beware. At Distinctive, we’re not metal roofing contractors simply in the business of selling roofs. We offer beautiful, permanent, guaranteed metal roofs that will outlast today’s asphalt roofs (and some metal roofs) many times over. More than just another roof, we offer peace of mind.

That’s a Distinctive Metal Roof.

What makes Distinctive Metal Roofing distinctive?

First off, experience and expertise. Since 2010, beautiful, durable commercial and residential metal roofing is ALL we’ve done with our exclusive Ohio-based Amish roofers. Just listen to what our happy customers have to say!

Next, it’s all about integrity and follow-up for us. Your satisfaction throughout the purchase and installation process and beyond means everything to us.

We’re also really picky, just like you should be. There are a lot of shortcuts we see other Ohio and Pennsylvania metal roofing companies take, such as poor installation techniques, the use of cheap underlayment, and improper ventilation. We are committed to being the top metal roofing installers in Ohio and Pennsylvania. By using only the highest quality materials, proper installation techniques, and providing full-spectrum customer service, we can guarantee that we always do things right.

Finally, we offer no-nonsense pricing. Our no-pressure approach and straightforward, fair, and competitive pricing makes purchasing metal roofing in Ohio and Pennsylvania simple and pleasant. You never have to think about your roof again, other than to be happy you chose the metal roofing contractors from Distinctive Metal Roofing!


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