Gutter Sentry

Gutters are essential but they are also not the kind of home improvement we get excited thinking about. However, as they age and present problems or become unsightly it’s time to replace them as they serve a very important purpose.

Does Gutter Quality Matter?

Yes. The thickness of the metal and how the gutters are formed is important. As each and every metal roof gutter installation is unique, getting the components and the quality of the installation of each component right is essential to creating a gutter system that:

  • Avoids standing and stagnant water, a breeding ground for mosquitoes and can contribute to ice accumulation issues if the gutter isn’t pitched properly
  • Keeps your landscapes and hardscapes free of damaging from overflowing water
  • Protects the foundation of your home by effectively channeling water into desired drainage paths as well as facia boards and soffits.

The right metal roof gutter system can add beauty to your home, as well as protection.

  • Many colors to choose from to match your trim or your roof, or simply white which is always most popular
  • Contribute to your home’s design, not detract
  • Custom work, that meet your home’s unique needs
  • New gutters add curb appeal

Why Distinctive Metal Roofing for Gutters?

We form and install your metal roof gutter system ourselves to ensure quality. Our extensive experience with the installation of metal roofing positions us as experts at providing the best gutter and leaf management system available today.

Don't forget about your Soffits

If you have attic space or air channels under the roof deck in the case of a vaulted or cathedral ceiling combined with a ridge vent, effective soffit vents are critical to making sure the ridge vent exhausts air from your attic space efficiently while not allowing moisture air to accumulate in your attic. We commonly install hidden vent style soffits that provide the highest NFA (net free area) intake ventilation to your ridge vent and are much more attractive than unsightly perforated soffit covers. We can also aluminum wrap your exposed wood fascia or replace the wrap that exists if it’s damaged or stained at the same time we’re replacing your gutters.

We’ve spent years installing metal roof gutter systems in Ohio and Pennsylvania and are ready to apply our experience to your next roofing project. For more information about our services, gutters, or for a free project quote, please contact us at (800) 243-5091.

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