Roofs are one of the most important elements of a home, and investing in a good one is essential. Let’s look at the many benefits of metal roofing (especially in winter) to help us understand how these unique roofs are energy efficient, durable, and attractive.

All-Weather Reliable

Metal roofing handles any weather. In areas such as the greater Cleveland, Ohio, area or Pittsburgh, PA, winter is a serious consideration. The protection from snow is one of the best benefits of metal roofing. As snow sits, moisture collects, and some roofs don’t handle it well, but metal roofs do. Moreover, hail, wind, snow, and sun all contribute to asphalt roofs breaking down, although they won’t affect metal roofs. When snow accumulates and stays on an asphalt roof, the moisture begins to permeate and breakdown the shingle, and when the moisture freezes, the asphalt shingle become brittle, expediting the aging process of the asphalt roof. Using decades of proven technology, metal roofs will not break down, become brittle, or become prone to damage as the roof ages. During the cold winter months, metal roofs will also shed snow easier, helping them maintain an ideal weight distribution.

All other weather as well, such as rain and high winds, don’t phase a metal roof. They repel water and are strong enough to handle anything.

Enjoy Energy Savings

During the warm months, one of the benefits of metal roofing is its ability to reflect heat away from the house. This contributes to energy savings because radiant heat can influence indoor temperatures. By reflecting radiant heat, a metal roof prevents it from affecting your indoor temperatures inside the home. Thus, your home will retain a naturally comfortable atmosphere, so you won’t have to constantly use your cooling system to accommodate the temperatures outside. As a result, you’ll see your energy bill drop during the summer after installing a metal roof.

A Recyclable Roof That Lasts

Did you know a metal roof lasts at least three times as long as a traditional asphalt roof? That’s decades of use. On top of that, a metal roof is completely recyclable. The material is used over and over, and the strength isn’t compromised when doing so. Even after the weight of winter snowfalls, a metal roof holds strong.

Metal Roofs Look Great

The attractiveness of a metal roof is an added bonus. Today’s metal roofs come in many varieties, allowing homeowners to choose what suits their style. Popular metals used for roofs are aluminum, copper, and steel. There are also multiple colors to choose from. Whether your style is a modern farmhouse or a contemporary city dwelling, a metal roof has you covered.

Lower Your Insurance Rates

Interested in saving money? Since metal roofs resist serious damage from winds, storms, snow, and even fire, insurance companies see that as an excellent perk and thank their customers with lowered homeowner’s insurance rates.

Keep the metal roof in mind, especially when living in a climate that enjoys a cold and snowy winter. If you seek an aesthetically pleasing, energy-saving, long-lasting roof, the metal roof is the right option for you. Contact Distinctive Metal Roofing, the trusted metal roofers in Ohio and western Pennsylvania, for more information on how you can improve your home with a metal roof.

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