Learn more about how you can obtain durable metal roofing in Pittsburgh, PA, when you talk to the experts at Distinctive Metal Roofing. Homeowners turn to us when they need roofing materials with unmatched strength. Asphalt roofing materials last between 13–17 years, but a metal roof can remain functional and visually appealing for 60 years or more. Rainfall, snowfall, high winds, and extreme temperatures can all impact a roof’s lifespan.

At Distinctive Metal Roofing, our metal roofing in Pittsburgh, PA, will combat those hazards without losing its visual appeal or strength. Our roofing materials have a PVDF coating—Kynar 500—on the surface that keeps it intact for many decades, especially when it comes to combatting UV rays.

The sun’s rays can cause fading on roofing materials, but metal roofs will reflect those rays successfully. This benefits the environment and your home because it helps with maintaining stable indoor temperatures. Naturally stable indoor temperatures mean less energy usage during those hot summer days.

Another way we ensure our metal roofing is environmentally friendly is by designing it with recycled materials. At Distinctive Metal Roofing, our roofs can contain anywhere between 25 and 90 percent recycled materials, and yet the performance remains reliable and strong. Homeowners want a roof they can rely on when the weather takes an unexpected turn. Another benefit of our metal roofing is that you can have the aforementioned benefits with minimal upkeep required.

We design metal roofs to be low-maintenance additions to the home, meaning this type of roofing is a cost-effective option in the long run. The upfront costs of metal roofs are higher than asphalt and other options, but they don’t come with the long-term costs that other materials will. Get a free quote today if you’re ready for a metal roof installation in Pittsburgh, PA.

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