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From social media to streaming platforms and beyond, internet connection gives us the key to a wide range of activities. Plus, Wi-Fi and cell phone service aren’t just for entertainment; many people rely on computers and phones to work from home, which has certainly become a widespread working condition in the last year.

Metal roofing has many benefits, such as energy efficiency, durability, and a lifespan of at least 60 years. Despite these benefits, homeowners might understandably ask the question, “Do metal roofs affect Wi-Fi and cell phone service?” This guide will answer this question because whether you own a metal roof or you’re considering one, understanding how they affect devices is crucial.

Wi-Fi Woes

If your internet service is provided by a cable service or satellite dish, a metal roof will not have any impact on your Wi-Fi signal within your home. In these situations, the signal is captured outside your home and is transmitted inside your home through a cable, which connects to your modem and router located inside your home. If the signal coming into your home is weak, your local cable or satellite provider and test and adjust the strength and quality of the signal coming into your home. Once the signal is received, the strength and coverage of your Wi-Fi signal is also dependent upon the quality of your modem and router. There are other factors that may impact the quality of your internet connection, for example, cable connectors, router settings, the size of your home, the placement of the router, etc., but the good news is a metal roof will have no impact on the quality of your internet signal if it is received through a cable company or satellite dish. Be sure to contact your local cable or satellite dish provider to assist with resolving the problem.

The Cell Phone Situation

Have you ever received a call while shopping at Walmart, or made a call from a large four-story building? These buildings use a considerable amount of steel above and around to support the structures, and most likely, you were able to talk or send and receive messages over your phone. This is because the cell phone coverage and the strength of the signal is very good. If you can use your cell phone in these situations, you will not have any problems when a metal roof is installed on your home. A metal roof on your home is a fraction of the amount of steel that is used for large structures. To verify, stand outside your home and take a look at your cell phone and verify the strength of the signal. If you are averaging 1 or 2 bars (out of 5 bars), the cell phone coverage in your area is poor. If this is the case, a metal roof may have an impact on your signal and have some impact on the strength of your signal. If you are receiving 3 bars or more, the signal is good, and you should have no issues with making or receiving calls or messages from inside your home. The biggest determining factor is your cell phone signal without the metal roof.

If you happen to live in an area with poor cell phone coverage, the good news is that most new cell phones have the capability to connect to the internet, providing you a strong, clear signal for your cell phone to use. Talk to your local cell phone provider for assistance in enabling this feature on your cell phone.

So, do metal roofs affect Wi-Fi and cell phone service? A Wi-Fi signal is dependent upon the signal provided by your cable or satellite service, the size and configuration of your home, and the quality and setup of the modem and router inside your home. Metal roofing can have some impact on a cell phone signal if the cell phone coverage in your area is weak. However, if you generally have a strong cell phone signal around your house (3 bars or more), the addition of a metal roof will have little effect on your ability to make calls or send and receive text messages. As we adjust to the “new normal”, you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of metal roofing materials like KasselWood steel shingles without worrying about them interrupting calls, Zoom meetings, or Netflix shows.

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