Tips for Choosing a Metal Roof Color

Tips for Choosing a Metal Roof Color

If you’re planning to get a metal roof, you’ve already made a great long-term decision for your home. Now, however, you have another important decision to make. What color do you want your metal roof to be? This can seem like a simple question, but the choices really are almost endless. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few tips for choosing a metal roof color.

Keep Practical Aspects in Mind

Important to keep in mind is that the paint you use on your roof will have a different susceptibility to the sun and the elements. It’s crucial that you choose a paint that will be resistant against ultraviolet light. Not only will this keep your roof looking good for its whole lifetime, but it will also save you from spending time and money in the future to fix up the paint job. Proper maintenance of your metal roof also helps.

Decide the Effect You Want in Advance

There is more to metal roofing than a simple metallic sheen. You don’t have to go with one kind of paint if you want to have a more dramatic pattern on your roof. Think about how your roof will look next to the rest of your house. Will it match the color of the siding and shutters? Or will you decide to add some contrast to your home with a totally different color? These decisions can affect the curb appeal of your home, so choose carefully.

Choose Something for the Long Term

Keep in mind that, with the right paint, your roof won’t need to have its color touched up at all for a very long time. Choose a color that you can be happy with for years into the future. You may lean toward a bold, bright color, but try to ask yourself if you will still like that color five or ten years from now.

Examine Your Color Choices in Different Lighting

This can trip some people up when deciding on a roof color. Remember that the color will look quite different depending on the weather and the amount of light it gets. Don’t choose a color from the hardware store just because it looks good under fluorescent lights. Check your color under the sun, under cloudy weather, and at nighttime to get the full effect it will have.

Hopefully, these tips for choosing a metal roof color will help you to make an informed decision about this huge part of your home. We have tips on how to paint your metal roof, too. But don’t hesitate to call the experts. When you need metal roofing in Uniontown, PA, Distinctive Metal Roofing wants to be the first place you think of. Give us a call today at 412-775-3336 for a free estimate on replacing your roof.

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