Tips for Designing Your Forever Home

Tips for Designing Your Forever Home

Turning a house into a home is no easy task, and the effort becomes even more challenging when you’re building an entire home from the ground up. There are many elements you must consider when building and designing your forever home. You must not only design a home that fits your current needs and lifestyle, but also ensure that those design choices will continue to stand the test of time for many years to come. Whether you’re starting from scratch or customizing an established home, these tips for designing your forever home will ensure your humble abode is well-decorated and expertly arranged.

Work from the ground up

One of the most important tips for designing your forever home is to work from the ground up. Your house will only be as strong as its foundation, so it’s crucial that you begin working on the larger construction elements before delving into more intricate design details. When constructing the shell of your home, be sure to consider durability and longevity. Choose materials that will easily withstand the test of time and maintain their integrity through years of windy winters and stormy springs.

Start with a sturdy foundation that’s well-suited to your particular climate. This is particularly important if you live in an area that experiences frequent earthquakes, floods, or hurricanes. As you work your way up, be sure to consider siding, windows, and doors that will withstand whatever the weather throws their way. Finally, be sure to consider the style, shape, and material of your roof. When you’re building a forever home, it’s in your best interests to choose materials that will require little maintenance over the years. Metal roofing is therefore the best option for a forever home. This type of roofing requires little maintenance and upkeep, and it will maintain its beauty and integrity for upwards of 40 years. For metal roofing contractors in Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding areas, contact our team at Distinctive Metal Roofing.

Leave room to grow

As we stated, your forever home needs to accommodate not only your current lifestyle, but also your future needs. As such, it’s important that you leave a little room to grow when you’re designing your home. This is especially important for individuals looking to raise families in their forever homes. Be sure to allocate enough bedrooms and livable space when developing the floor plan. Not allowing enough room to grow could lead to the need for further additions in the future, which can be quite costly.

When planning for the future, be sure to also consider accessibility. As you and your family members age, you may not want to trek up and down stairs every day. Consider these changing needs when developing your floor plan, and consider placing the master bedroom on the ground floor of your home instead.

Steer clear of trends

Forever homes are all about longevity. Certain design trends may be at the height of fashion now, but they’ll likely fall by the wayside at some point, leaving you with an outdated living space in just a few years’ time. If you remember the days of shag carpets and conversation pits, you’ll understand the importance of timeless designs over trendy decor. Therefore, rather than design your home according to the hottest current trends, opt for classic style elements that will stand the test of time.

This classic mindset is most applicable when you’re designing the architecture and layout of your home. Smaller design elements, such as the color of your walls and the style of your furniture can follow current trends a bit easier, as they can be easily altered when the trends fall out of fashion. Choosing classic designs will allow your home to continue growing with you over the years and will ensure that you don’t get stuck in the past.

Focus on the floor plan

Designing the floor plan for your forever home is one task that will require a lot of planning, organization, and visualization. The floor plan must ensure the home is equal parts functional and fashionable. As such, it’s often in your best interests to work with a licensed architect and contractor when you’re drawing up the blueprints for your forever home.

When outlining the floor plan for your home, be sure to consider how frequently each room will be used and how easily they’ll flow from one space to another. Many homeowners opt for an open floor plan, as it enables an easy flow of traffic between rooms and allows an increased amount of living space in the home. If an entirely open floor plan isn’t quite your style, consider opening up the space between one or two rooms. Creating an open floor plan between the kitchen and dining room is a popular choice for many homeowners, as is opening up the space between the dining area and the living room. Adding archways in lieu of doors is also a great way to open up the space without knocking down too many walls.

Thoroughly plan plumbing and electrical work

When outlining the floor plan, you’ll also want to think critically about where plumbing and electrical work will be placed. These elements will likely remain in the same position for the entirety of your life in this house, so it’s crucial that you approve of where they’re placed. Be sure to work with a licensed plumber and electrician when installing these elements in your home. They’ll be able to advise the best locations for certain fixtures and ensure that all elements are installed safely and correctly.

Remain flexible

Unlike your plumbing and electrical work, you can easily change some elements of your home. In fact, many features will likely undergo several changes during the course of your life in this house. Therefore, remember to remain flexible when designing your forever home. You may not be able to execute your original vision exactly as you’d hoped, but your home will still be beautiful and unique at the end of the day. Don’t be afraid to alter a few elements during the design process. You may find that these new elements are better than your original vision.

Tips for Designing Your Forever Home

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