How Metal Roofs Prevent Against Extreme Weather

How Metal Roofs Prevent Against Extreme Weather

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. A light drizzle or dusting of snow may not be much to worry about, but sometimes Mother Nature has something a bit stronger up her sleeve. In instances where your home faces a severe shift in weather, you want to ensure your family and your belongings are well-protected. A metal roof is the best way to do this, as it offers longer-lasting and more reliable protection than many other roofing styles. This guide explores how metal roofs prevent against extreme weather in a variety of different scenarios.

Sudden storms

The most common example of how metal roofs prevent against extreme weather is in the case of severe storms. When faced with torrential downpours and electrical storms, many other roofing materials will become damaged or compromised in at least some small way. A roof with asphalt or tile shingles may lose several shingles during the course of the storm. Metal roofs, however, are far more durable and can withstand heavy rain with ease. Additionally, water and rain slide off metal roofs far more easily than off asphalt roofs. This decreases the likelihood of standing water after a storm has ended, which in turn reduces the risk of leaks and lasting water damage on the roof. Metal roofs are also much more durable in the face of hailstorms and freezing rain. They’re much more resistant to ice, and they won’t become dented or damaged as easily as some other roofing materials. 

Extreme winds

Strong winds can spell serious trouble for roofs with asphalt or tile shingles. Depending on the pitch of the roof, wind can easily slip beneath the shingles and pull them away from the roof completely. The more loose or missing shingles a roof has, the greater the risk of water or ice damage becomes. Metal roofing presents far less potential for lift and can withstand 100-mph winds in some cases. For even greater protection against strong winds, many homeowners opt for standing seam metal roofing instead of traditional shingles. This style is particularly beneficial for climates that regularly experience tornados or hurricanes, as it can withstand even stronger winds. To install a standing seam metal roof in Pittsburgh or the surrounding areas, contact our team at Distinctive Metal Roofing. 

Drastic temperature changes

Extreme weather isn’t always so easily visible. Sometimes extreme weather comes in the form of drastic temperature changes, either in the form of sweltering heat or subzero cold. Unlike other roofing materials that may absorb heat—such as asphalt, tile, and wood—metal roofs reflect heat. This maintains a cooler internal temperature throughout your home, even when the temperature outside reaches scorching heights. This heat reflection also protects against extreme cold. Snow and ice melt more quickly from metal roofs and slide off the roof much more easily than with other roofing materials. This decreases the risk of snow and ice damage during the winter and helps the home retain its internal temperature.

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