We can tell you one thing without seeing your roof right out of the gate. It should NOT be 4 – 5 times the cost of asphalt, as we’ve seen quoted many times recently by a company that uses used car sales strategies to sell metal roofing and others that “pad” their quotes to cover unforeseen difficulties with your roofing installation. These companies that truly don’t know how to price residential metal roofing put a sour taste in many homeowners mouths which causes them to discontinue their pursuit of other quotes because they believe all companies will be as high priced. Conversely, residential metal roofing isn’t only 10 – 20% higher than asphalt roofing. If you receive a quote that’s radically lower than what you expected, you need to compare their metal roofing material and installation experience to that of companies like ours where crews are highly trained and experienced and the materials have been proven in the market for decades. Please watch for an upcoming post that addresses “WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN METAL ROOFING” for more information, and thank you for considering Distinctive Metal Roofing.

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