Common Misconceptions about Metal Roofs

Common Misconceptions about Metal Roofs

A metal roof can be a very useful addition to your home, but they often get a bad reputation. False information about metal roofs seems to travel quickly, with very little of it based on any actual facts. Here we examine and debunk a few common misconceptions about metal roofs.

Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

One of the biggest concerns some people have about metal roofs is their potential to attract lightning strikes. However, this is based on a false understanding of electricity. Metal may conduct electricity, but it does not attract electricity. In fact, metal roofs are actually safer than some other options, such as wood, because metal isn’t flammable and won’t catch on fire from a lightning strike.

Hail Will Damage Metal Roofs More

Metal roofing isn’t impervious to hail damage, but neither is any other type of material. Metal is a very strong material, so metal roofs are therefore more resistant to hail damage. The only kind of hail that would damage your metal roof is abnormally large hail—the kind that would damage any kind of roof, no matter the material.

Metal Roofs Are Loud in the Rain

Sometimes, the memory of being in an old building with metal roofing creates the image that rain will be very loud on a metal roof. However, for residential homes, metal roofing is installed on top of another layer of roofing, often with an attic space and insulation just below it. Metal roofs are no louder than any other roof when it rains, and they may actually be even quieter.

Metal Roofs Heat Up the House

This is a flat-out misunderstanding of how metal roofs work. They don’t trap heat inside the home; the actuality is quite the opposite. Metal roofs are reflective, so rather than trap heat, they reflect the sun’s UV rays away from your house.

You Can’t Walk on Metal Roofs

Some people are turned off from metal roofs because they think you can’t walk on them. However, it’s actually possible—you must simply be more careful about where you walk. Keeping your weight over the support beams underneath the metal roofing will help you prevent any damage.

Distinctive Metal Roofing is your one-stop shop for Ohio metal roofing. We want you to understand the benefits of metal roofing and how it will increase the longevity of your home. With these common misconceptions about metal roofs debunked, we hope you can see what a wise investment a metal roof can be.

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