The top question on peoples minds who are considering metal roofing is, “Is a metal roof right for my home?” And the answer is…..”almost always, but it depends!” Here are a few key things to think about when considering this question:

1. Does your roof have a pitch to it, or is it relatively flat? A “3:12” pitch is usually the minimum recommended pitch (or slope) that a roof needs for a metal roof to be effective, and most homes fall into this category.

2. Do you like the look of a traditional standing seam metal roofing or would you like it to be less conspicuous because you, a) don’t like the look of standing seam, or b) you don’t think standing seam would fit into the look of your neighborhood well? We work with products that meet both needs. For example, most can’t tell that Kassel and Irons stamped steel roofing panels are metal, and their lasting beauty makes them the perfect choice for most homeowners.

3. Are you planning on living in your current home for at least another 12 – 15 years? If so, the one time investment in a metal roof will save you a significant amount of money during that period of time because you’ll never re-roof again, as you would at the 12 – 15 years mark with shingles. Even if you think you’ll sell your home within the next 10 – 15 years, many people won’t consider buying a home unless the roof and foundation are in great shape so you may have to re-roof just so you can sell your house. And many of our metal roofing warranties are transferable which contributes to resale value, as does the roof itself.

Send us some photos of your home in an email. We’ll help you decide what’s best for your particular home and help in any way we can.


  1. Very informative post! Metal roofs have become the first most choice of homeowners today. The biggest advantage of metal roofing is that it is much strong and can withstand environmental hazards.

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