Aren’t metal roofs noisy??

By far, the #1 question we’re asked about metal roofing….”Is it noisy?”. The answer? A simple “NO”. The reason? Kassel and Irons panels have a bit of space between their surface and the decking material once they’re installed  which acts to deaden the sound. Coupled with the sound insulating qualities wood decking has, combined with the insulation in your attic, the space in your attic,  and the ceilings in your house, our customers all tell us that they don’t notice any difference between their old roof and their new permanent metal roof when it comes to sound. Now, if you’re in an old barn where there’s nothing between you and the surface of the barn’s vertical panel/standing seam roofing, sure…you’ll hear it. But on a residential home, you’ll never notice a difference. This is actually a frustration for some as they’d like to hear the “pinging” of raindrops on their roof. While we don’t like to disappoint, it simply won’t happen with our roofs when installed on a residential home.

When you call for your free consultation, we’ll be glad to share a list of references that you can call for yourself to verify this information. We’ll never tell you anything we can’t prove.


You’ve seen and heard it all before. The salesperson that tells you that if you don’t buy today, the savings won’t exist tomorrow. We’ve even heard stories about roofing sales people that won’t leave your house unless you sign, or give a great reason as to why you won’t…even after being asked to leave! In our opinion, there’s another term for this other than “high pressure”!

At Distinctive Metal Roofing, we take a consultative approach to working with you. Our first goal is to assess your needs. What’s going on with your roof that’s lead you to call us in the first place? Then, we’ll see if our products will meet your needs. We’ll educate you on metal roofing along the way and compare and contrast our material to the other options you have so you can make an informed decision. A new roof is an important purchase and we’ll do all we can to help you make the RIGHT decision, even if that decision is not to move forward with us. While metal roofing is for most people, it’s not for everyone, and not everyone can afford it. We know that, and you won’t hurt our feelings if you’re as honest with us as we are with you.

We’re interested in helping you and we look forward to working with all of our friends in northeast Ohio….ethically, with caring and integrity. It’s the only way we know.


When’s the last time you were able to buy a U.S. made product, let alone one that was manufactured in Ohio?

  • Distinctive Metal Roofing is located in Avon, Ohio
  • Kassel and Irons is located in Piqua, Ohio.
  • Suppliers of standing seam are based in Middleburg Heights and Jefferson, Ohio
  • All U.S. steel products with up to 30% recycled U.S. steel ingredients!

Let’s all do our part to fuel our state and federal economy.


You can trust the pros at Distinctive Metal Roofing to provide you with the right product for your home AND to install it properly. Distinctive Metal Roofing was vetted by Kassel and Irons before we were granted an exclusive dealership of their product in Northern Ohio. Following a careful screening process, we earned sales and installation certifications before we could sell or install a single roofing panel. All other roofing products on the market are sold through building supply houses to anyone that walks in the door.

In addition, metal roofing is ALL WE DO. We’re not a temporary asphalt roofing or construction company that says “yeah, we can do metal roofing.” We’re specialists… we don’t do anything else and our crew is comprised of installers that have a wealth of metal roofing installation experience behind them.

The protection of your family and your house is too important to be placed in the hands of a company that does metal roofing as one of many other things they do. It’s ALL WE DO…trust the metal roofing pros at Distinctive Metal Roofing for a roof you’ll never replace again.


That’s what we heard over and over again at our booth at the Home and Garden Show last week. According to statistics, the national average lifespan for an asphalt shingle is 12 – 15 years (though this includes roofs made before asphalt shingles were composed of more than 50% limestone!). But if you had sat at our booth as long as well did (nearly 100 hours in 9 days!), you’d have heard 100’s of people disgusted with the fact that their roof has failed in less than 9 years. They were disillusioned by their “35 year” roofing warranty when they found out that the warranty was a pro-rated warranty that’s only worth pennies on the dollar after the first 5 years.

While this is nothing new to us, as we see it during our client appointments regularly, next year we’re taking a video camera to record people’s comments about their prematurely failing asphalt roofs so you can hear it for yourselves. But you’re probably already saying the same things since you’re on our Website, right? Steel roofing….the last roof you’ll EVER buy, and it’s carries a NON PRO-RATED WARRANTY for as long as you own your home, transferable for 40 years!

Look familiar?

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