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PermaLock metal shingles combine the lasting strength and durability of metal roofing with the latest technologies in paint and protective coatings that are designed to last a lifetime. The true value of a roofing product is measured by what it costs to protect your home over time. A PermaLock metal roof will never need replacing, and it will require little to no maintenance, saving you thousands of dollars in future repair and replacement costs. Our team recommends PermaLock roofing for Ohio and Pennsylvania homes because they provide a very distinctive, long-lasting beauty and durability that will save you time and money. We think you will agree that PermaLock Metal roofing will add value to any home!

  • PermaLock metal shingles utilize the latest technology to provide a paint finish with exceptional resistance to aging, chalking, peeling, cracking, and fading
  • Fluoroceram® high-performance finish, a premium Kynar 500® / Hylar 5000® coating system, with highly durable ceramic pigments
  • Available in embossed, cedar grain, slate, or smooth finishes to complement the style and look you want to achieve
  • 40-year fade protection warranty to ensure your home will maintain its color and beauty for a lifetime
  • Energy Star rated to reflect heat and increase comfort by keeping your home cooler
  • Metal shingles are interlocking on all four sides, providing added strength and weather resistance
  • Concealed fastener metal roof system, providing excellent weather resistance and increased durability
  • UL Class 4 Impact Rating, the highest impact rating available
  • Lightweight and can be installed over an existing layer of asphalt roofing, eliminating messy and costly tear-offs
  • PVDF finish includes a non-nutrient for fungal growth, providing exceptional resistance to mold and mildew growth
  • Will not rot or deteriorate and will never lose strength with age, making it an ideal material to produce high-quality, permanent metal roofing
  • Aluminum shingles are made of 95% recycled or recyclable materials, reducing the waste that fills our landfills

Limited Lifetime Warranty

PermaLock metal shingles are designed to last a lifetime, coming with a lifetime non-prorated warranty that includes complete hail and fade protection. This lifetime warranty also covers all materials and labor. If you decide to sell your home, the warranty is transferrable and becomes a 50-year non-prorated warranty from the date of installation. When considering a new roof, be sure to compare the warranty of any roofing product, and you will see that PermaLock will be the last roof your house ever needs.

Aluminum Shingle Metal Roofing Installation

PermaLock metal shingles are a great metal roofing option for people in Ohio & Pennsylvania—a metal roofing solution we know will provide a lifetime of protection and beauty. For more information about our Ohio and Pennsylvania PermaLock roofing services, please contact our team at (800) 243-5091 and receive a free project quote.

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