You have your new metal roof, and it looks great, but you may be asking what to do next. How are you supposed to keep a metal roof looking its best? A few quick tips are all you really need to perform structural maintenance on a metal roof. While many of these tips are simple, following this guide will help your metal roof look its best and allow it to function in the most efficient way.

Try Not to Stand on it

While metal roofs are very long-lasting, you can ensure their longevity even more by avoiding standing on the panels directly. While this won’t cause the roof to collapse and drop you into the attic, walking on a metal roof can inflict ugly dents and scratches. If you must walk onto your roof, stick to the joists and support structures, as these have the most support beneath them.

Wash Your Roof

This can be done as needed. If you live somewhere particularly dusty or with a lot of smog, you may want to keep a close eye on your roof for any accumulation. You can easily wash your metal roof with water from your hose or power washer. If there is a particularly resilient bit of dust or dirt, applying a mixture of water and detergent with a soft brush should do the trick. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or brushes, as these can hurt the protective finish on your roof.

Inspect Closely After Bad Weather

Be it thunder, snow, or hail, take some time to inspect your roof for damage after a particularly bad storm. If anything has come loose, don’t be afraid to contact your installer for assistance, as they’ll be able to fix the problem correctly. You can clean small scuffs or scratches with mineral spirits. Allow the roof to dry and use metal touch-up paint to restore your roof to its former glory.

Take Care Not to Mix Metals

If there is another type of metal on your roof, such as a copper pipe, make sure that it does not touch your metal roof. A process called electrolytic corrosion can take place when two different metals meet and become wet. It is unlikely your installer will miss this, but it never hurts to make sure that it doesn’t take place, so you can take advantage of your metal roof’s long lifespan.

These simple tips on structural maintenance for a metal roof can go a long way to increase your roof’s effectiveness and longevity. Distinctive Metal Roofing has the best metal roofing in Cleveland, Ohio, and Western Pennsylvania. Make sure to check out our options for a free estimate on your home.

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