Protecting Your Home Against Common Causes of Roof Damage

Protecting Your Home Against Common Causes of Roof Damage

Your roof may seem tough, but sometimes Mother Nature is tougher. Below are some of the most common causes of roof damage and the steps you can take to better protect your roof.

Water and ice

Water can be an incredibly corrosive element, causing damage to even the most well-maintained roofs. Heavy rain and thunderstorms can significantly damage your roof, while large amounts of stagnant water may cause your roof to cave in or collapse. If this stagnant water freezes, it can cause additional damage as the ice expands and potentially lifts shingles. Hail is also a common cause of roof damage.

Metal roofing is a durable option that can better withstand the harmful effects of hail, water, and ice damage. Water can easily slide off metal roofing, which greatly reduces the risk of stagnant water. Additionally, metal roofing is a good option to protect against ice damage, as there are no shingles for expanding ice to lift. A wonderful feature of a quality metal roof is the way the metal roof interlocks on all sides, preventing water and wind from getting underneath the metal shingles.


2019 seems to be a highly active year for tornadoes, which can cause significant damage to your home and roof: in the past year, at least 20 tornadoes have been reported across Pennsylvania. Even extreme wind unrelated to tornadoes can spell trouble for your roof. Homes with gable and mansard-style roofs are typically at a higher risk of wind damage; these styles commonly have a bit of overhang, making it easier for high winds to lift the roof away from the home.

Fallen tree limbs and debris

Trees may seem peaceful and relaxing as they blow in the wind, but if the wind proves too strong and a tree falls on your home, it can cause extensive damage to your roof. Luckily, unlike some of the other common causes of roof damage listed above, damage caused by tree limbs or fallen debris is often preventable. Be sure to routinely trim back any tree limbs that hang over your house or present potential risks of falling on your roof. This will reduce not only the risk of tree branches breaking and falling on your home, but also the amount of debris such as pine cones and leaves that can fall and add additional weight to your roof.

Faulty gutters

Gutters can help reduce the risk of water damage and flooding, but they can also create issues when not properly maintained. Don’t underestimate the importance of gutters. Clogged gutters can create a buildup of water on your roof, which may lead to additional water damage and leaks. Make sure your gutters are correctly installed and free of cracks to ensure that water properly drains away from your roof and home. Additionally, be sure to regularly clean your gutters, as leaves, twigs, and other debris can cause your gutters to function improperly and cause significant roof damage.


Perhaps the most common—yet most overlooked—cause of roof damage is neglect. Like any aspect of your home, your roof should be routinely inspected for signs of damage or weak spots. Metal roof maintenance is essential. This will alert you to potential issues before they have a chance to become bigger problems. Neglecting small issues can lead to even bigger problems in the future, so it’s crucial that your roof is inspected at least once a year, either by a professional or by yourself.

If you begin to notice repeat damage to your roof, it may be time to consider replacement. Contact our team of metal roofing professionals in Butler, PA, and the surrounding areas to discuss how metal roofing can protect your home against these common causes of roof damage.

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