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With the explosion of folks who are fed up with shingles that fail prematurely and are considering metal roofing as a permanent solution to their roofing needs, the number one question is “How much is it?” While it would be great to be able to answer this question simply, consideration has to be given to the steepness and overall complexity of the roof, how many layers are present, what those layers consist of (only asphalt or is there slate or shake involved as well?), and what type of material you are considering. That said, a basic multiple of 2 – 3 times the cost of an asphalt roof can be applied fairly consistently. However, that provides a wide range which isn’t always useful or accurate until we get into more specifics of your home’s roof.

Often, during a phone conversation, we’ll take a look at the roof via satellite and provide you with a ballpark number, if possible. You can count on the fact that true, long term, quality residential metal roofing with concealed fasteners will not be 10% – 30% more than an asphalt roof. If you find pricing in this range, there’s something horribly wrong with either the material being used or the quality and integrity of the installation.

Another thing to rely on is that, if you’re staying in your home long term and need a roof today, you’ll have today’s cost and and at least double that number for another asphalt roof in 10 – 15 years. At that point, you’ve spent more than you would have on one metal roof and have had to go through the process of replacing the roof twice (more if you stay in your house long term). The appearance of the roof due to streaking, granule loss, and missing shingles due to blow off will be less than thrilling for half of that time and you’ll think to yourself “I really should have purchased a metal roof last time!”.

To conclude, the answer to the “how much is it?” question is “less expensive than continuing to replace your asphalt roof over and over again, and it’ll look great for a lifetime!” We always tell people, “we hope to see you again but it won’t be because of the roof”.

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