Installing a metal roof on your home is a smart investment. A metal roof not only provides a lifetime of protection, it also adds curb appeal, durability, superior weather protection, and energy efficiency. Selecting a good partner to help guide you through your metal roofing journey is just as important. 

Distinctive Metal Roofing and our team of certified and experienced metal roofing specialists have earned the reputation of being the premier metal roofing contractor in Dublin, OH. We carefully execute each project from start to finish to ensure our customers receive the best results and experience possible. We work exclusively with manufacturer-approved materials—offering the highest quality products such as KasselWood, KasselShake, Edco Arrowline, and Stone Coated metal shingles. 

Metal Roofing Is the Way to Go 

All across the country, homeowners are moving away from asphalt shingles and upgrading to metal. Metal roofing is growing because homeowners are recognizing the many benefits metal roofing has to offer. The sad reality is asphalt roofs begin to crack and curl and show other signs of failure such as mildew and streaking. When your home’s roof is compromised through natural wear and tear, your home loses value and could be susceptible to damaging roof leaks. Our metal roofing is manufactured from high-quality steel and coatings to provide the beauty, durability, and protection that will last a lifetime. With the professional installation from Distinctive Metal Roofing, you can count on your roof lasting decades. It will easily protect against rain, hail, snow, and wind to keep you and your family safe. 

Financial Upside 

While upfront costs of installing a metal roof are higher than asphalt shingles, a quality metal roof lasts longer, requires little or no maintenance, and is replaced less frequently. A typical asphalt roof will last anywhere from 13 – 20 years, depending upon the surroundings and weather conditions. A quality metal roof, on the other hand, can last 60 years or more, requiring little or no maintenance, making it a more cost-effective choice over the long term. Metal roofing can also help save you and your family on your regular electricity bills and can even boost your home’s value when you sell it. During the hot summer months, asphalt will absorb the sun’s energy and become quite hot, warming the air inside your home. Instead of paying  excessive amounts in electricity bills to cool your home, consider having a metal roof installed instead. Metal roofs reflect most of the sun’s energy, leaving the air inside your home cool and refreshing. 

Styles That Suit Everyone 

As metal roofing has become more commonplace across the country, manufacturers recognize the need for a multitude of styles, colors, and appearances. Distinctive Metal Roofing only sources the highest-quality materials, offering a wide range of metal roofing styles to choose from, while promising both long-term protection and a timeless appearance you can be proud of.  

Backed by Warranty 

A lifetime metal roof is the product of three essential components: quality materials, superior coatings, and skilled installation. Distinctive Metal Roofing provides the most beautiful, durable, and sustainable metal roofing styles available, all of which are backed by the best warranties in the roofing industry.  We also offer a 10-year warranty on our craftsmanship. Look no further than Distinctive Metal Roofing for all your metal roofing needs in Dublin, OH. 

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