Homeowners have various options to choose from when installing new roofs. One of the big questions to ask yourself when you’re choosing a new roof is what you want out of its appearance and performance. Thankfully, high-quality metal roofing provides the best of both worlds as well as many more potential benefits. First, let’s address the eclectic designs available.

Our metal roofing company in Huron, OH, is proud to offer homeowners KasselShake metal shingles, KassleWood steel shingles, Arrowline steel slate roofing, and more. If you’re trepidatious about a metal roof because you assume they all look like barn roofing, don’t worry—the design options are much more expansive than that, giving you a chance to beautifully personalize your roof.

However, an excellent metal roof doesn’t just look stunning—it must also showcase the expected performance results. For instance, a professionally installed metal roof is incredibly durable thanks to the metal and protective coatings, which ensure the beautiful appearance won’t diminish over time. Furthermore, while most asphalt shingle roofs will need repairs or replacements before the 20-year mark, a quality metal roof will keep its beauty and durability for at least 50 years.

Living in Huron, OH, the weather conditions coming off the lake can get very intense. If you want a roof that can withstand extreme wind and storm conditions, a metal roof is your first choice. A quality metal roof has concealed fasteners and are interlocking on all sides, providing a watertight barrier that can withstand winds up to 120 mph.

Plus, metal roofs are stronger than asphalt shingles, so they’ll require little or no maintenance. For this reason, installing a metal roof is perfect for anyone who wants a long-term roofing solution that requires little work on their part.

Professionally installed metal roofs can also help homeowners be more energy efficient throughout the day. This occurs because the Kynar 500 coating on metal roofs reflects UV rays instead of absorbing them, ensuring that heat doesn’t make its way into the home.

Suffice it to say, metal roofs can have a substantial, positive effect on residential homes. Don’t hesitate to browse our website further to learn more about our services and roofing options. If you’re ready to choose your ideal long-term roof design, contact our metal roofing service in Huron, OH, today.

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