How To Repair Your Metal Roofing

How To Repair Your Metal Roofing

The great thing about metal roofing is that maintenance is relatively low, especially compared to the alternatives. However, like with all materials, sometimes you will need to do small repairs on your roof to keep it in the best condition possible. Whether you are a highly experienced DIYer or not, here is our guide on how to repair your metal roofing.

Removing Accumulated Rust

Rust is rare on a metal roof, unless it occurs near a water pipe or the roof was installed incorrectly by someone less capable than Distinctive Metal Roofing’s professionals. If you do find that there is some rust on your roof, the best way to get rid of it is to scrub at it with a wire brush. Once you have removed the rust, you can spray paint a matching primer or rust inhibitor over the exposed area to help it look cohesive once again.

Sealing Leaks

The most effective way to seal up leaks on a metal roof is to use a urethane roof cement. Try not to use a plastic or asphalt roof cement, as these lack the protection against ultraviolet light that your roof will need. Simply spread the cement smoothly over the area that needs to be sealed and keep an eye on it as it ages—you may need to replace it again down the line.

Patching Holes

A more involved project will be patching a hole in your roof. This can be caused by large objects hitting your roof during particularly bad storms. First, you will want to clean the hole of any foreign contaminants and scuff the metal with a wire brush. This will give the sealant something to bond to. You will then need to cut a section of sheet metal so that it slightly overlaps the hole on all sides. Mark where the sheet metal will go, and fill the area with a liberal coat of color-matched sealant. Screw the sheet in place and repaint it with a color that matches your roof.

This guide should be a good primer for how to repair your metal roofing. You can do these repairs on your own, but if you are unsure of your ability or not comfortable with ladders or heights, it is better to leave it to the professionals. Distinctive Metal Roofing provides the highest quality Cleveland metal roofing in the area, and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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