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Roofs endure the elements every day. Hail, heat, heavy wind, and snow are just a few of the conditions they must remain resilient against. If heavy winds are ruining your roof, there are some steps you can take to change that. Continue reading to discover how to improve the wind resistance of your home roof.

Choose Suitable Roofing Materials

Unfortunately, not all roofing materials have the same endurance against heavy winds. Asphalt shingles, for instance, will often break or fall off entirely when wind conditions become excessive. If you want to improve wind resistance, install a roof made from durable metal. For instance, our metal slate roofing can withstand winds up to 160 mph without needing repairs.

Thanks in no small part to their ability to combat the elements, an expertly installed metal roof should last at least 50 years without any issues.

Hire a Metal Roofing Expert

This goes hand in hand with the previous point: hire a metal roofing expert for the installation process. Metal roofing comes with a bevy of benefits besides wind resistance, such as better energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. However, to utilize all of these benefits, you must hire the right professional for the job. Hiring an inexperienced or unreliable contractor can result in a metal roof having unwanted openings and other detriments to the system’s structural integrity. To guarantee a metal roof’s wind resistance, do a thorough background check into contractors, including feedback from previous customers.

Optimize Attic Ventilation

When determining how to improve the wind resistance of your home roof,inspecting your attic is more vital than some homeowners might realize. As mentioned in the previous point, unwanted openings in a roof can be detrimental to its strength and integrity. When your attic brings in large amounts of air, it needs good ventilation to allow that air to exit smoothly. Without proper ventilation, air pressure buildup in the attic can weaken your roof deck and ceiling, creating a safety hazard in the process. To prevent your home’s roof and ceiling from falling apart because of intense winds, make sure your attic has sufficient ventilation.

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