Home Improvements That Come With a High Reward

Home Improvements That Come With a High Reward

Renovation projects are a great way to breathe new life into your space. Whether you’re remodeling for yourself or are preparing the home for sale, there are many things you’ll need to consider before renovations can commence. Perhaps the most important consideration is the risk versus reward for each potential renovation project. Certain projects are more worthwhile than others and will provide a more rewarding payoff in the long run. This consideration is particularly important for individuals looking to sell their home. Investing in high-reward home improvement projects can increase your home’s resale value significantly and may lead to a higher number of offers on your home. This guide explores several home improvements that come with a high reward, as well as tips for how to execute these projects in the most successful way possible.

Remodel the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of many homes, so it’s well worth your while to invest a bit of time and effort into creating a truly gorgeous kitchen. Your home’s kitchen should be equal parts fashionable and functional. Consider installing an island or additional counter space to make the space more usable. This additional space will be particularly useful around the holidays, making it a major selling point to buyers who have a larger family or love to entertain. Modernity is also a major selling point in kitchens. You don’t need to adopt an entirely minimalist mindset when renovating your kitchen, of course, but updating the appliances and utilizing a neutral color palette will bring the space into the 21st century. Try to match the finish on all appliances as best as possible. Matching stainless steel appliances will tie the entire space together and create a cleaner, more cohesive look overall.

Lay out new landscaping

Landscaping plays a large role in curb appeal and can have a major influence on a visitor’s, neighbor’s, or potential buyer’s first impression of your home. As such, it’s highly beneficial to spend a bit of time laying out your landscaping in a way that attracts the eye without drawing too much focus away from the house itself. Removing old growth and planting new foliage will bring new life to your home in no time. Remember to practice a bit of restraint when planting your new garden. A minimal yet perfectly manicured lawn is much more appealing than a sprawling garden that’s overgrown and full of weeds. 

Finish the basement

Finished basements are a major draw for many buyers, especially those with growing families. Finishing your basement creates additional living space in your house that you can put to use in a variety of ways. Consider working with a professional contractor when finishing your basement, as this project may be more involved than you are used to. You will likely need to rewire certain electrical elements and may need to erect new walls or tear down the old ones. Working with a contractor will ensure that the finished space is cool, comfortable, and functional.

Replace the roof

Potential homebuyers are not only on the hunt for a house that’s appealing to the eye; they also want one that will protect their family for many years to come. Structural integrity, safety, and longevity are all very important elements on a potential buyer’s must-have list. Replacing your roof is, therefore, a vital home renovation that comes with a high reward. Replacing your house’s roof before listing it will give potential buyers one less thing to worry about, and they can rest assured that their home and family will remain protected for many years. When keeping integrity and longevity in mind, metal roofs are, by far, the best options. Because metal roofs can withstand extreme weather and retain their integrity and beauty for over 60 years, they are a very high-reward and low-risk investment for your house. Working with Distinctive Metal Roofing in Ohio adds another level of reward to this investment, as you will be patronizing a worthy local business in your area with the installation.

Install new siding

Siding often goes hand in hand with roofing—and with good reason. Both elements play a large part in your home’s curb appeal, so it’s important that they look their best. Installing new siding will give your home a fresher, cleaner look overall. If replacing your siding isn’t in the cards, you can also undergo a thorough cleaning of your siding or give it a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. These lower-cost renovations will freshen up your house without breaking the bank.

Create an outdoor living space

Building a deck or patio is a great way to add on an extra bit of square footage to your home. The best use of this additional living space is as an outdoor dining and seating area. Even if the outdoor space is only usable for a few months in the year, potential buyers will love the opportunity to dine outdoors. Decks and patios are also favorable by families, as they provide the perfect space for parents to sit and watch their kids play in the backyard. Don’t forget to do some landscaping around the deck area as well. This will create a more natural flow from the home’s interior to the great outdoors.

Establish an open floor plan

Open floor plans have become an increasingly popular design trend in recent years. One of the biggest advantages of an open floor plan is that it allows the homeowner to use the space in a variety of ways. This flexibility makes it easy for any buyer to transform your house into their new home. Creating an open floor plan doesn’t mean you have to knock down every single wall, however. You can still maintain a bit of privacy with this type of floor plan. Opening up the space between the living room, kitchen, and dining area, for instance, will make things feel much more spacious, yet it still allows each space to retain its specific function. The way you arrange the furniture in these spaces will also create a bit of distinction between each room, even without walls to separate them physically.

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