Historically, asphalt roofing material has doubled in price every 10 years due to rising oil prices (after all, asphalt is a petroleum based product and oil costs will only continue to skyrocket). Now, considering the fact that asphalt roofing DOUBLED IN PRICE IN THE LAST THREE YEARS alone, how much would you guess that next asphalt roof will cost you when you go to replace it in 9 – 12 years (regardless of what the pro-rated 35 year warranty says)? And what about the quality of the material by then, since limestone filler is added in greater quantities all the time?

For the price of two asphalt roofs, assuming you’ll stay in your home long enough to put two roofs on your home (another 9 – 15 years), you would SAVE A LOT OF MONEY if you put just one permanent metal roof on your house today. Besides being considerably less expensive than 2 temporary asphalt roofs will be, you’ll save 20 – 25% on cooling costs with a metal roof, and your permanent metal roof will look spectacular for decades to come. It’s such a smart decision to install a lifetime metal roof…you’ll thank yourself 100 times over!

(Pricing Proof Source: Willoughby Supply Company, Elyria, Ohio)

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