We truly love those words! They make our business grow the more we hear them. And there’s good advice out there regarding receiving multiple estimates when it comes to home improvement projects. But that advice applies more to commodity level items, such as asphalt roofs and siding. However, with regard to metal roofing, be sure to take into account much more than price. Not all metal roofing is created equally, and even when looking at the same exact roofing material, the majority of consideration should be given to the quality of the installation itself.

There are a lot of home improvement companies, many with great reputations, that are now attempting to install metal roofing as part of their portfolio of services and products offered. However, most of these folks haven’t installed many, if any, metal roofs in their day. While most metal roofers are expert asphalt roof installers, the reverse can usually not be said. Metal roofing installations require skill sets above and beyond that of asphalt roofing installation from the perspective of keeping everything water tight as well as aesthetically pleasing. Understanding how to work with sheet metal is crucial, and understanding how to work with it in tricky areas is even more important. Our teams have been manufacturer trained and certified on the installation of metal roofing. Only one other metal roofing company that we know of can say that. Nor can they say that residential metal roofing is their sole focus as it is ours. That makes us the experts and the ones to trust when it comes to your home’s metal roofing installation.

So when you meet with metal roofing installers, be sure to qualify them on more than product offered and price. See jobs they’ve done, visit job sites and meet the installation team. Watch them work, talk to the homeowner about their experience and get a good, well rounded feel for what the company is all about, from the owner to the crew. And keep in mind that Distinctive Metal Roofing is the “go to” for 3 manufacturers when problems arise from the installation of their product after it’s been installed by another company (that’s often out of business by the time we get the call). We’re here to stay, we’re here to help you make the right decision for your family and home, and we do it right the first time. We look forward to hearing from you!

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